Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas can be a very difficult time for many who have Bipolar to get though, although for me most of the time it can remain stress free. One thing that most people who know me need to realize is that if you want a specific item for Christmas, ask for it at the beginning of that year, say January or February. I've become quite the planner to cope with unnecessary stress in my life. So to keep the Christmas season from freaking me out due to business or financial issues I shop year round.

As a matter of fact I already have three of the gifts for my niece Zyanah ready for next year's Christmas. I've found over the years that if I do my Christmas shopping well in advance, usually finishing by Thanksgiving when most people are beginning I have very little stress surrounding Christmas.

Unfortunately this year I did have five or six gifts that either changed or needed to be done after Thanksgiving. I found with that and the idea I would make all the Christmas cards with materials I already own I added some unexpected stress to my holiday. Not good. Hopefully next year will be different.

I was still able to manage my stress but it was difficult at times because I don't like to get so busy. I become overwhelmed and apparently even if I'm not stressed I appear to be, so when I am it looks as though the whole world is going to come crashing down upon me.

It did help that I refilled my last prescription which I was saving for an emergency as most of the year I have not had the blessing of medical insurance thus I pay 40x the amount I usually do for my mood stabilizers. After the first refill in three months I feel so much better! No more migraines for one! I was getting them at least 3-4 times a week...sometimes less but only then the migraine would last for several days. I did some research and found that there is a direct link between my prescription Limictal and the relief of chronic migraines although it has not been approved for that treatment in the United States. Currently it's only approved for Bipolar 1 and Epilepsy.

In conclusion while I try to not let the Christmas season stress me out, sometimes it will and I have to deal with it. We all have to try and manage this stress to the best of our abilities and maybe up the positive self talk more than usual. We are never fully in control and sometimes we just need to say: Enough! It's not a big deal if I don't bake during this season or wrap all the presents super pretty or even send Christmas cards when I'm not feeling well. Cut yourself a break, step back and just look at the children around you. They can be so happy with so little and we can as well. Simplify and live a little less stressfully.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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