Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a FLIPPIN' day!!!

Where to I even begin?!?

I've been depressed lately. I don't want to get out of bed. I could care less about my scrap-booking or card-making for Etsy. I feel that what I make is not good enough for anyone to buy. I look at the mess of a house and I don't have the energy to begin to clean. I know it's not unlivable so I don't get up. I stay on the couch or in the bed. I don't have the will to care.

If I could have I would have called in sick today.

If I had called in today then... crazy woman would have screamed at me about her computer being broken and although it had nothing to do with what we had worked on demanded we fix this issue for free!    
     ...I would have not had issues trying to QA a stupid laptop HP sent us
     ...would not have had to deal with stupid people giving me problems to solve assuming I made a mistake when there was no problem and thus no mistake
     ...would not have heard that my boss was fired.

And it goes on and on!! This all within the first two hours! It sucks that this is the beginning of a six day work week. Crap couldn't have hit the fan on day five or, had to be day one!


It's too much, just too much! I had to vent, either that or risk doing some really stupid things. Oh what a FLIPPIN' day!! Someone sedate me! PLEASE!

Perhaps nothing would seem so bad and irritate me so if I was medicated but I'm not. I'm trying and failing here. At least I'm at work. I know of many BiPolars on or off meds have a difficult time getting there. You can include me in that group once in a while, but not today. I'm here, at work, putting up with the bull and not getting least not yet.


  1. I hear a need for some major credit to be given to yourself my dear. Not only did you get through all of that while NOT feeling well, you had the presence of mind to write it down and get it out of your system! I give you MAJOR kudos for how you are and have been managing! Remember to try to be kind to yourself. I know it's hard when stupidity is hitting you upside and sideways, trust me, I know. But remember your own strength and resilience and give yourself credit for how well you are doing. You could have gone off the deep end by now! But you didn't. Major kudos.

  2. Thanks for your comment Carrie. I really needed that. You are really talented at knowing just what to say! I love that about you! Thanks a ton!


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