Friday, October 29, 2010

Productive Craziness Makes Me Happy

Yesterday, Thursday, was one of my days off for this week. Tuesday was my other day off and I was utterly depressed on that day so hopes were not set very high for yesterday either yet I was pleasantly surprised.

The day began with some Christmas shopping for my grandmother. When that was completed I swung by the apartment maintenance to inform them of some repairs which were needed. Pleasantly the maintenance man came out immediately. We even received an upgrade from the product that was replaced. It was nice! Almost made me consider breaking things in our apartment "accidentally" so they could be replaced with newer and better things...almost. Our apartment is kinda cruddy, so it was a tempting idea. I guess you get what you pay for though and what you pay in Omaha is much higher than what you would in Lincoln for the same quality.

Since I really don't like others coming into my home when I feel it is less then perfect I began to clean after the maintenance stop. Began with the dishes, then started on the living room. When I began in that room I did not expect it would take up most of my day, yet it was totally worth it!!

Jason and I moved from Lincoln, NE to Omaha about six months ago due to my health issues. We were attempting to escape for the majority of my stress triggers. In order to afford the rent in the "big city" we were downsizing, a lot. We moved from a three bedroom duplex with a full yard and basement in a good neighborhood to a one bedroom apartment with our garage as the only storage in an okay neighborhood. By an okay neighborhood I mean that my gas has already been stolen out of my car since living here. Stating it's okay is giving it a lot more credit than perhaps I should.

On moving day everyone placed everything in the living-room. I typically don't like moving this way but we were in a hurry and our helpers did not care as much as I do about where things are placed. The boxes, bins and bags were piled high. I had a massive moving sale yet apparently I did not get rid of enough things. My grandmother was kind enough to allow us to store seasonal items and our cannot do without baby items at her house for when we need them. We do not have children of our own yet, but we did buy most everything we'll need at least in terms of Baby furniture when Jadien lived with us and to get rid of it only to replace it later would be wasteful spending. Until yesterday there was still far too much in our living-room though I've tried for months to clean and/or organize that room.

I went though every box and bin still remaining. I threw out what I knew that I could, meaning I threw out what was mine and I didn't want and what was Jason's and I knew he wouldn't care about. If it was questionable I threw it into a bin with any of Jason's tools or computer items and it went in our storage pile. I figure I'm not going to get into trouble for tossing something he wants and I'm sure he will not care to go through the bins himself, so they're just going to sit in storage. As long as they are outside our apartment and I don't have to look at them I don't care. :-) 

I sorted the bills and important paperwork. I folded all the laundry Jason had completed the day before. Hopefully I'll have the energy to put that all away tonight after work. You would think all that would be enough, but no. I then began making eight Christmas Cards and painted my toe nails. It was such a wonderfully productive day.

I feel so good about myself that I was able to accomplish so much in only one short day. More than anything I feel relaxed and at peace when I enter the living-room now.  My husbands thoughts when he saw all the cleaning I had accomplished: "We look poor now." Apparently lack of clutter, means you are poor. In that case...I love being poor. LOL Growing up I was extremely impoverished yet I loved the simplicity my room brought me. I didn't have much. What I did have I cherished. I enjoyed the cleanliness that my few items offered me. Less stuff=Less stress.

Now if only I could get Jason to unclutter some of his things which he never uses I'll be even more relaxed. One can dream, can't they?

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